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  • The international research based peer-review journal highly relies upon academic eminence, decapitation, of collaborative scholar Endeavour and target on dissertation in academic zone in order to attenuate the demands for further exploration in the field of research to augment the vicinity of knowledge. The scope of article for our journal include case study, theoretical and imperially based research

  • Topics of Interest

    Integrated Service Digital Network(ISDN)
    Satellite Netwoks
    Wi-Fi Secrity
    AsynchronousTransfer Mode(ATM)
    Database Security
    Software Testing
    Computer Vision
    Digital Systems
    Pervasive Computing
    Hybrid information technology
    Intelligentcommunications and network
    IT-based Convergence Technology and Service
    Smart Card and RFID Technologies
    Evolutionary Computing
    Biomedical Engineering
    Reactive Distributed AI
    Nano & Micro-systems
    Data Visualization
    Pervasive computing and ambient intelligence
    Programming Languages
    Reasoning and Evolutioncsystems
    Quality of Service and Quality of Experience
    Decision making
    Energy-efficient and green pervasive computing
    Event-based, publish/subscribe, &  message-oriented middleware
    Evolutionary computing and intelligent systems
    Expert approaches
    Fuzzy algorithms
    Information and data security
    Information indexing and retrieval
    Supply Chain Management
    System security and security technologies
    Trust, security & privacy issues in pervasive systems
    Ubiquitous and pervasive applications
    Ubiquitous Networks
    Internet applications and performances
    Internet Services and Applications
    Internet Technologies, Infrastructure, Services & Applications
    Interworking architecture and interoperability
    Knowledge based systems
    Vision Recognition
    Search Computing
    Wireless networks and mobile networks
    Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems
    Computing & Information technology
    Computer networks & Communications
    Human-Computer Interaction
    Ensemble Modeling
    Wavelet Representations
    Principle of Concurrency
    Software Life-cycle Management
    Social Network Mining
    Embedded Systems
    Pattern Recognition
    Signal Processing
    Bayesian Statistics
    Adaptive Control
    Sequential Decision Theory
    Digital Forensics
    Robotics and Micro-Robotic
    Medical imaging
    Micro/nano technology
    Middleware Issue
    Middleware services and agent technologies
    Multisensor fusion
    Natural Language Processing

    Recent Trends and Development
    Algorithms and Applications
    Web Intelligence Application
    Theoretical Informatics
    Quantum Computing
    Applications of Computer Science in Modeling
    Visualization and Multimedia.
    Data and Information Systems.
    Computational Topology
    Information Personalization
    Human-Computer Interaction
    Ensemble Modeling
    Wavelet Representations
    Principle of Concurrency
    Software Life-cycle Management
    Social Network Mining
    Computer Viruses
    Internet Multicasting
    Data Streaming
    Communication and Network Security
    Domain Name System
    World wide web Security
    Network Layers
    Database Management system
    Security Management
    Bioinformatics and applications
    Cloud computing
    Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
    Cyber trust and security
    Networking and Architectures
    Optical computing
    Software Systems and Technologies
    Theory of parallel / distributed computing
    Artificial Intelligence
    Artificial Intelligence tools & Applications
    Natural Language Processing
    CAD Design & Testing
    Data Mining and Machine Learning Tools
    Fuzzy Logic
    Computational Theories of Learning Hybrid
    Intelligent Systems
    Intelligent System Architectures
    Multimedia & Cognitive Informatics
    Neural Networks
    Parallel Processing Semantic Web Techniques & Technologies
    Soft computing theory & applications Pattern recognition
    Hybrid intelligent systems
    Software agents
    Internet and Distributed Computer System
    Graphics and Imaging
    Digital convergence
    Electronic Commerce,Business & Management
    Grid and Cloud Computing
    Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous Agent
    Hardware and Software Design
    Convergence InformationTechnology Security
    Digital Image Processing
    Parallel Processing
    Broadband wireless technologies
    Positioning and tracking technologies
    Programming paradigms for pervasive
    Morphic processing
    Symbolic machine learning
    Signal or Image Processing
    Scheduling in Cloud Computing